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May 2018

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Press from Last Year's Spring Festival


"Bold and vivid .... This small, adventurous company strives to make opera a visceral, intimate and immediate “encounter,” as they have said. Their alterations to masterpieces aim to get past dated elements that can mute the raw emotions and the timeless issues coursing within the original works. These presentations are meant, simply, as readings, as one-time interpretations."

– Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times


Carmen was "gripping as music theater ... Louisa Proske set out to examine and challenge the all-too-timely oppositions structured around borders of all types. ... an anti-touristic Carmen."

Ethan Heard's "handsome, minimal production [of Butterfly] would make a fine touring Butterfly staging" and "had a compelling anchor".

– Opera NewsIn Review: Madama Butterfly (5/20/17), Carmen (5/25/17)


"[W]hat’s so pleasing about Heartbeat Opera’s “Butterfly” is how well its artistic intentions dovetail with its limited means."

– Russell Platt, The Trailblazing Efforts of “Indie Opera” (The New Yorker)