Heartbeat Opera feature in Opera News (February 2017 issue)

Heartbeat Opera feature in Opera News (February 2017 issue)

The Wall Street Journal, February 20, 2016

The Wall Street Journal, February 20, 2016

CLICK HERE to read the full interview

CLICK HERE to read the full interview


Read an INTERVIEW with Co-Artistic Director Louisa Proske on Heartbeat's Drag Shows on Huffington Post/ The Daily Pnut

Heartbeat Opera on the cover of Opera News

Heartbeat Opera on the cover of Opera News

OPERA NEWS cover feature on Heartbeat Opera
by Joanne Sydney Lessner

"... one of the most agile and dynamic companies on New York's indie opera scene ... Every Heartbeat event feels like a happening ... Judging by the average audience age and enthusiasm level, the company is succeeding..." READ MORE

THE NEW YORKER on Lucia and Dido
by Alex Ross

"A radical endeavor — less pint-sized grand opera than an appropriation of the genre for theatre of the black-box type.

Schlosberg’s scoring [of LUCIA]—whistling tones of bowed vibraphone and cymbals, the harplike sound of strummed piano strings, the slide of a shot glass on an electric guitar—put a modernist frame around the action, although the substance of Donizetti’s score came through. Jamilyn Manning-White was an agile, fiery Lucia.

[In DIDO] A cocktail party degenerates into surreal anarchy, with witches prancing about and the lovers copulating in a bathtub. The dynamic young baritone John Taylor Ward—portraying Aeneas, a witch, and several subsidiary characters—threw himself into the proceedings with stylish abandon. Ashworth, leading from his violin, elicited a performance that was elegant, boisterous, and melancholy by turns."  READ MORE

by Heidi Waleson

"Pioneers...reformatting the opera experience from the grand to the deliberately intimate. ... A delightfully creative double bill" READ MORE

"A radical transformational approach to the standard repertoire ... An ingenious rescoring...an arresting concept...a knockout Lucia" READ MORE

MUSICAL AMERICA on Kafka-Fragments and Lucia

"Gripping and imaginative... If this production is any indication, the young Heartbeat Opera will be a company to watch, with the talent and ambition to make compelling music drama out of the very meanest of resources." READ MORE

"With its six singers, five instrumentalists, and 90 minute running time, Heartbeat’s compact Lucia packs a wallop; one could imagine it being taken up by other companies as a provocative and inexpensive way to introduce opera to the uninitiated. One looks forward to more arresting and innovative projects like it from Heartbeat." READ MORE

PARTERRE BOX on Heartbeat's 2016 Spring Festival
by Patrick Clement James

“Urgent, rigorous, and young, Heartbeat Opera poses another beacon of hope against New York City’s gloomy operatic landscape. Heard and Proske are a pair of auteurs to watch for. Their intelligence and warmth saturate the respective works, making for a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the opera house.” READ MORE

OPERA NEWS on Kafka-Fragments and Lucia
by Joshua Rosenblum and Joanne Sydney Lessner

"Gripping drama...dazzling musical skills...clearly inspired guidance ... an odyssey through alienation and near madness to a kind of transfiguration ... a flat-out triumph for its two fearless performers." READ MORE

"Jamilyn Manning-White owned the night, delivering a vibrantly sung and masterfully acted Lucia. She executed the vocal demands brilliantly, including several spot-on high E-flats held for longer than seemed humanly possible. But it was her physical freedom, unpredictability, and specificity of reactions that made her performance so riveting. Marrying the patient’s mental illness to Lucia’s impulsiveness, Manning-White began her performance just slightly unhinged, building to a superb mad scene that received a justifiably long ovation."

ALLEGRI CON FUOCO on Heartbeat Opera

"There is nobody out there on the NYC independent opera scene offering such a complete package at this level. ... when opera gets this intimate and is so perfectly crafted in each and every aspect, it is indeed distilled to its essence. The air palpably vibrates and the narrative and emotional core of the work is conveyed as powerfully as ever. Louisa Proske and Ethan Heard have a vibrant artistic vision and the skills to realize it."  READ MORE


Read an in-depth interview with Allegri Con Fuoco about Heartbeat's mission, history, and future dreams with co-founders Louisa Proske and Ethan Heard by clicking here.

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